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3 day/ week workouts

$150 for 6 weeks


Are you a beginner who has wanted to try CrossFit but is a little too intimidated? Or feel you are just too out of shape? Have you been looking for a workout routine to help you get in shape and lose fat? Or to help you have more energy for your family and busy life?

Our 6 Week Challenge is the perfect outlet for any new beginner looking for a change! Our programming will consist of fast paced, high energy workouts that are designed to help you get in shape, and have more energy. These workouts will consist of functional movements at light to moderate loads, body weight movements and endurance training. In 6 weeks you will learn the fundamentals of CrossFit & gain the confidence and endurance to join our regular CrossFit classes!

For those with busy schedules or those not looking to spend several hours in the gym, our classes will not last longer than 1 hour. They will meet 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday with an AM and PM class to choose from.

Change your life today!