What is The Daily Grind?

The Daily Grind is part of the Open Gym at our facility that we are now offering Monday to Friday 10:30am - 4:00pm. It is a 30 minute HIIT Circuit created everyday by our coaches that we have posted in gym on the white board. These workouts are for all levels, with scaled options to increase or decrease intensity and they use all of our unique equipment. Whether you can’t make it to a class or simply don’t have 60 minutes to train, The Daily Grind is the perfect option for anyone looking to challenge their fitness level.

When you sign up before May 10th:

Receive 1 Mini Sport Drop In Pass PLUS a Tactix T Shirt



Must register for Open Gym (The Daily Grind is included)



Must complete The Daily Grind WOD & Post it on their social media