Athlete and Team Performance

Whether you are an up-and-coming athlete, or seasoned professional, we can offer you customised, sport-specific training for any sport.


Why Train with Us:

At Tactix Gym we aim to keep our athletes healthy by minimizing risk of injury, maintaining good movement patterns, creating new patterns, and enhancing sports-specific skills needed to succeed at the highest level. Using Applied Functional Science (AFS) we break down the sport’s most important movements and patterns into Transformational Zones (TZs) where we analyse the three-dimensional needs of the athlete. Understanding how the joints move dynamically together, and the chain reactions that happen in human movement and athletic performance, allows us to take our athletes to a new dimension of mobility and stability relevant to their sport.

We believe that we have the expertise and facility to take your players and program to the next level, while educating them how to make the most of their independent training time and minimizing the potential for injury. 

Come and Train to Win!

Training options range from:

  • 1-on-1 private athlete training,
  • semi-private athlete training (2-6 athletes)
  • small team training (7-12 athletes)
  • large team training (13+ athletes)

*We also design workout programs for athletes not in the Delta/Vancouver area.